The Rose Society by Marie Lu

This is the second book of The Young Elites trilogy, and man, was it dark!  I struggled a bit (read: a lot) to get through this one.  It was slow for most of the first half, and it finally started picking up again in the middle.


I don’t read many books from a villain’s perspective, but by the end of this one, it seems to be the way Adelina is going, or, arguably, has gone already.  At the beginning of this book, we meet her fairly alone, but with her sister Violetta’s support.  By the end, Adelina has managed to take the throne and succeed in her ambitious goals of power and revenge.  However, it costs her everything she loves and has loved.  Her character and personality has twisted even further, and by the time she gained her throne, she has killed many, tortured many, and taken joy in both.  She sits on her throne, friend to no one, loved by no one, and led by the voices in her head.  I can’t decide if I feel more anticipation or fear at seeing what she becomes in the third book.

I’m giving this one 3 stars.  I was really close to not finishing it, but once it picked up again, I was drawn back into the story.


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