Picture Book Challenge Update

My littles and I have been reading a lot of books, many times over, in true toddler fashion.  I wanted to give a quick update on what books we’ve read towards our picture book challenge so far and also share our Goodreads page!  So far, we have read:

A book set on a farm or in the country: Farm Animals

A book with animal characters: No

A book about cars or trucks: Little Blue Truck

A book about a holiday: Little Blue Truck’s Christmas

A book by Eric Carle: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

A book by Laura Numeroff: The Best Mouse Cookie

A book about babies: Smile Baby Smile

A picture book biography: A Passion for Elephants

We’ve been having a blast reading together.  Nico was more interested in A Passion for Elephants than I would have expected of an almost three year old reading a biography of a scientist, and his excitement was contagious.  I worried in the past about Luca’s lack of interest in reading, even comparing how Nico was at one, but since he got his ear tubes on Wednesday, his interest has increased dramatically.  I guess it wasn’t as fun if he couldn’t hear us reading to him! I’m relieved for sure, and I’m looking forward to continuing to nurture a love of reading.  I hope they can find what I had growing up with my books.


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